Coward Malema afraid to go into Lions Den of Phoenix, sends his followers instead

Julius Malema, is no stranger to the #VoetsekMalema hashtag, as he hides behind his Twitter keyboard and seemingly dictates to his followers to go into Phoenix, Durban, to March against so called “racist Indians”. Malema refers to them as Indian Thugs.
In a pot calling the kettle black strategy, Julius Malema instigates the March to protest against the murders in phoenix. But why is Malema sending his EFF members to Phoenix? Is it to score points for his party? At the risk of fueling tensions within the community? Apparently the EFF Regional Caucus had met with the church leaders of Phoenix and jumped at the opportunity to dramatically change the theme from “racist indians” to “solidarity and unity”. What prompted such a change? What point does the EFF plan to make with the March? Is it to forgive the events of the unrest in Phoenix? Does Malema intend to show the Indian community that he is not afraid of them? Well, if that is the intention, it seems he is doomed to failure, and would have garnered a little respect if he showed up himself. But he has simply done what he has always done, and that is to be a coward and send his so called sacrificial fighters instead.

By admin
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