How to live a Purposeful Life every day.

Live in the present moment.

Our systems, our customs, are consistently enforced in our consciousness without detecting. They brush over the negative thoughts and wrestle the past; anxious and terrified of the unknown. Occasionally we tend to be soaked in the “here”; neutral in the centrality to observe life with clarity and with a clear outlook – a state that motivates us in discovering contentment and understanding internally.

The risk of allowing yourself to become a victim of time – a casualty of past experiences and a slave to the unknown – it disturbs your here and afflicts your harmony, state of calmness. You will easily be influenced to pressure, worry and be overloaded with life.

Focus on one thing. …

It is important that you educate yourself with the art of paying attention, “on one thing at a time”.  When you cultivate discipline within; you are able to usher your attention extremely on the assignment at hand. You are given an opportunity to think with creativity about the supply, and to achieve at a swift speed. This will promote productivity and lead to better results in comparison to multitasking. I mean the more you focus your concentration on your suggested priority, the more productive and successful your work will be.

Well, our mindset usually hinders “single-tasking”; it decides that it’s less stimulating. But executing one specific task at a time provides us control to dive in deeply, and perform at a higher level with each project. When we tackle our priorities, we are not required to extend our “schedule, focus, and vitality”—these are the most pivotal components of our work rate.

When you approach anything with a mindset of Single-tasking this provides you with an opportunity to prepare more surveillance room around your work with each moment, that propels you to think, generate more attachments, become innovative, and find depth and meaning in the work.

Make changes today, not tomorrow.

“ Tomorrow Is Promised To No One. Proverbs 27:1 Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

 I remember the first time I read this expression; it was mind-blowing. “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” – how true can this be?

The practice of preventing our goals for an imaginary tomorrow is overprised and collapse’s on us on several occasions. Can anyone tell me something, what is the defect in us people?

It is poisoning how we tend to justify at times; we lead this belief that we have been granted all time in the world. As if we know when our last day will be on earth, imagining that tomorrow comes with a difference than the same hour today.

No, we need to tackle life with a different outlook; the following day will firmly introduce itself with an uninterrupted date. Although we both know the calendar date holds no important power, it has no control, we do. Let us have a pragmatic approach; do we honestly trust something will be changed the next day?

The notion of thinking that something will change without us changing first is a mystery yet to be discovered. Wait; possible our minds will be more activated and skilful in receiving adaptions? Or will we become disciplined? And easily give in to hard work with some magic potion and accomplish strength and persistence?

What a life to live when you play the “blame-game”, the people that hold their own lazy mentality on a long day at work, family time, their significant other, financial lack, continual pressures of life, being sleep deprived, (Who convinced you or what in the world is your best-loved scapegoat?

No one is excluded from life’s difficulties, afflictions and guess what? That is part of Life, we need to get used to it. Honestly, if you continue delaying for a more desirable day, you will never start anything, and with that said, better luck in remaining the same.

When you encounter the most successful, satisfied, with serenity people; usually, they do not miss opportunities regardless of circumstances. Look, even tomorrow will present its own set of trials. Beginning your work will probably be as hard as the day before. Wake up and keep trying.

Be of service to others.

Truly, a life that is driven by serving others is worth living. Our destiny in life should lead us, and become the foundation for our contribution. The delight of giving does not depend on the amount we give, but instead, it is withdrawn from the quantity of love we deposit into our giving. Our contribution towards others earns us internal fulfilment, as it does to the receivers.

Each of us has experienced fear that advances from being influenced into giving when our friends plead us to contribute to their projects. In such cases, we feel guilty to donate so to eliminate humiliation rather than the act being out of love, and of integrity. This kind of contributing doesn’t lead to a happy feeling; more likely it will guide us to resentment. Otherwise, we should excuse ourselves, think about our options, and discover the important charity for our worth.

When you help others, you recognize that the most important aspect of giving is not the things you have to offer at all. The revelation you must get is that you have a complete compass of resources at your disposal – your time, attention, and focus. After, you identify that the habit to sacrifice comes from a condition of mind and heart, a place much larger than the material. Captivated by the possibilities this reveals in every moment; you begin to reveal submissive occasions to help – in all places.

When you appreciate the fulfilment of your life, you can validate a heart of giving in any platform. On that point, as stated in the above, service does not begin when we have something tangible to offer – but it germinates with ease when we have nothing left to obtain.


Look, it does not matter how often you have attempted, please do not stop before you reach and get to your desired end. Evaluate the pros and cons regardless of how far you have stretched your self. Nonetheless, every setback in your life will lead you in a different direction to carry on, do not give up.

We must always remember Abraham Lincoln, in spite of his misfortunes, he conquered numerous times over a significant amount of time, he never stated “I quit”, That would have been a disaster if he did quit, we might have lost a pronounced leader.

By Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa
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