Are Women To Be Blamed For Being Abused?

I don’t know if they are prohibited to be enlightened to their close loved ones or political associates unmasked, perhaps certain individuals are still operating with the notion of being sexist, it is obviously lesser of a responsibility to accuse and stain victims rather than observing predators and revealing their true nature alongside their motives. They usually dish out pointless excuses old and new for sexual harassment and assault.

Women ask for it in how they dress.

Honestly, this line torments my soul and unfortunately never cease to trend or to be spoken, the debate amidst of ladies of the Retro Guard who are self-proclaimed and are known for being undiplomatic, or mere referenced as one of the boy crew ”

We cannot deny the reality that women have been imposed, commencing from the ancient times, women gravitate towards artificial beauty than anything else to achieve their beauty standards. Well, I must admit that has done more damage than good on our image, apparently, we are defined by what we look like and that is how we become prime targets.

Look, every person is responsible for the decision that they make, I have always been against the pledge that “people do not have a choice. Women cannot be held responsible for savage behaviour that is performed by males. We are not responsible for the emotional, physical abusers that troll our streets and the demonic spirits that lies within sexual predators. They have to accord their own demons. (Put another way: I am persuaded that women could manoeuvre through the world dressed with blankets to the office and best believe, women would still encounter sexual harassment. We tend to connotate harassment to sex, although its related to power.)

They took too long to report it, so they must be lying.

There are numerous cognitions for women to contemplate twice about speaking out concerning the sexual attack concerning their lives. Although one prospective ramification materializes predominately: This may result in them not speaking out of fear.

In most occurrences the abuse takes place, the victims are informed by the perpetrator, “This never happened.” When the victim begins to reminisce about the harassment that transpired, they begin to doubt their own intellect of what actually happened. They begin to find it difficult to dissociate reality and myth, and that concludes with them being seen as liars.

Females of different demographics, race, gender are still too customarily observed as a pathological liars/ witnesses when they voice out about their experience of sexual abuse.

They just want money and media attention.

We live in an era that demotes woman as sexual objects that are money hungry. Our Society is now recognized for such mortification. We are still unsure of the complete consequences of the #MeToo, Although the trend signifies giving an attentive ear to survivors’, their narratives have established an impression. We are grateful for Women like (Kyle Stephens and Larissa Boyce) they took a stand and voiced out about what transpired to them for numerous years without the public knowledge. We are now paying attention. The Media industry and social media have formulated procedures and applications for informing survivors’ narratives or assisting them to voice out their own. Socialites/ Well known figures with huge platforms, for example, Teigen, are assisting others to voice out their own tragedies.

The unfortunate part is that there are those victims who do not have an entrance to the updated notion. I mean the women who are not celebrated by the mass, toiling for low-wage jobs, hopefully, will also be embraced as those in Hollywood and other industries when they speak up. We all have a responsibility to eradicate abuse. Although women in service, agriculture, and other numerous platforms are doing the best that they can, and also Time’s Up legal defence fund, outlined to aid lower-income women, that definitely is an indication that those with power and riches may be establishing a way to help.

Well, you led him on by going to his hotel room/making out with him/dating him/accepting favors or promotions from him..

OH, MY-GOSH there is a venomous query that circulates abused women: “why didn’t she just leave him?”

The response, regularly, is that numerous women that get the courage to exit the relationship become victims of death.

People think that women who are abused ask for it or provoke it in some way.


Individuals believe that if a woman is assaulted, this is a result of her badgering, or has a habit of talking back and is required to be corrected so as to know her place.

Although no one IS CURIOUS about HOW the abuser resorts to such. The perpetrators must be held accountable for their own conduct.

People think that women who are abused are a bit mad. (THIS IS NOT TRUE).

At times individuals believe that a woman must be fretting so to permit the abuse. But a portion of women may become dejected or hurt from apprehension ambush or some other related mental disarray. There are many victims women who are not mentally ill.

So why does abuse happen?

Well, our Cultures and religions frequently appear to be a platform for men of authority to rule over women. We comprehend that power is defined as possessing control over others.

The nature of violence in which we experience illustrates violence as acceptable and one of the alternatives of handling dispute, within an individual or among people.

Perpetrators utilize Abuse as means of controlling women.

Also, Abusive men utilize violence as a way of handling their own complications.

Everyone must take account of their conduct, Women do not call to be abused, let us face the problem and bring about solutions rather than pointing fingers.

By Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa
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