Job Hunting Tips

Post matric and post college is a tough time in someone’s life as it is the stepping stone to your future. Yes, there are an array of job opportunities available but there are also an array of people also looking at those jobs as well. Job hunting can be long and frustrating but with a few tips maybe it can be just a little bit easier.

Make Use of the Internet

The internet has made so many things much more easier like social interacting, shopping and even dating. It makes sense that it also makes job hunting easier. Companies put up ads for job positions all the time on several websites, Gumtree and Indeed to name a few. Look at these websites carefully and make sure to apply for several of them. You can also put your CV online, ensuring that future employers know that you are searching and whether you are qualified or not.

Don’t Solely Rely on the Internet

While the internet is useful for job hunting you shouldn’t forget the good old fashioned job hunting methods that worked for many others before. Go out there and look for places that are hiring. Talk to people you know who could help you out.

Polish Up Your CV

Your CV can make or break you when job hunting. No matter how great your CV may be, if it doesn’t reflect what the company is looking for, it won’t matter much. Your CV can be changed when needed while maintaining the truth. Highlight the skills you have that they are looking for to help your chances better.

Dress For the Job You Want

If you do become a successful candidate and get called in for an interview then you have to dress to impress. First impressions say a lot about someone and a good one will leave a lasting impression that will make you unforgettable.

Never Give Up

The most important thing is this. When it gets hard and seems like all your work is for nothing you might feel slightly defeated. Nothing is ever easy and if it was then everyone would get jobs instantly. Hang in there and keep going. Giving up won’t help anyone and won’t get you anywhere.

By Simone Anderson

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