90’s Kids Shows We All Loved

One of the greatest things about being a 90’s kid was the never ending array of kids shows to watch. These shows had has us over the moon whenever we watched them and had us anxiously waiting for them to start. These shows were funny, enjoyable, entertaining and always taught us something. There are now new shows for the newer generation but they just don’t quiet live up to the hype of the ones that came before them. These are a few shows that we loved and wish would come back.

1. Recess

The show that follows six children who go through various and wacky adventures during recess at their school. It brought together a range of kids and showed us not to let labels stop people from being friends. The loyalty they had for one another was inspiring.

2. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

One of the first shows that taught us all about girl power. What teenage girl doesn’t want her aunts to inform her she’s a witch with amazing magical powers? However using them constantly and trying to keep them a secret from everyone leads to a very interesting show.

3. Kids Next Door

This show is every kids dream come true. A secret organization made up of kids who work as secret agents that protect the world from nefarious adults. Even more than that, every group of agents gets a super cool tree house to use as headquarters. These kids battled everything kids hate like rules, lack of candy, growing up and even asparagus.

4. Banana’s in Pyjamas

It probably wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but there was something really great about two bananas who wear pyjamas as they had adventures with their teddy bear neighbours. The catchy song that went with it just made it even better.

5. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the dog lives in with his elderly owners in the middle of nowhere in a house that attracts the supernatural. Although Courage isn’t so courageous, he loves his family and does everything he can to protect them. While the supernatural wasn’t an ideal show for kids to watch, it taught us that even when we’re scared we can have courage.

6. Kim Possible

Just like Sabrina, Kim Possible was an inspiration to girls everywhere. Whenever there is trouble, you can count on Kim Possible to be there to save the day with her awkward but trusty sidekick and his naked mole-rat. High school student and cheerleader by day, saviour of the world at night makes an amazing show.

7. Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Kids outgrow their imaginary friends at some point in life and when they do they all go here, a place where imaginary friends can live out their days together and possibly be adopted instead of being willed away and ceasing to exist. Mac, whose mother wants him to get rid of his imaginary friend, brings his friend here and must visit him everyday to avoid him being adopted.

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By Simone Anderson

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