Are you addicted to your phone?

Does your phone battery last a day?

How do you know that you are depended on your phone? The following will reveal what your case may look like if you are constantly charging your phone numerous times in a day, do we have a problem?

We are grateful for smartphones that laboriously provision us with various options of apps and other amusement origins, they devour plenty of battery life, mostly if utilized uninterrupted throughout the day. Well, we have observed that data convey utilized by most entertainment and social apps incline to exhaust the battery life exceedingly swift, if one is not mindful.

When you are running out of battery, you run for your charger right? When you are addicted you are always placed in a predicament of travelling with your charger wherever you go due to the limited battery lifespan of your phone. If you are that individual, then we can safely conclude that you have an addiction towards your phone.

We encounter so many individuals that are so obsessed with their phones, they will operate their android until the battery life is depleted and only then sprint for a charger to charge it before it runs out. It does not end there, people utilize their phones while it is charging, plugged into the wall socket, well if it’s that deep we ARE CLEARLY ENGULFED in phone addiction.

You take your phone to the bathroom

Addiction will make you go to the extremes to achieve your desired goal, you are always preoccupied with your phone, then the possibilities are you will have your phone with you at all times, even to the bathroom area.

When that takes place in your life, time spent in the bathroom will maximize and that might conclude to late attendance when headed to crucial meetings.You check your phone constantly.  When you are addicted to your phone you always have the urge to check your phone without any valid basis.

The compulsion intensifies and propels you to constantly observe your phone without any anticipation of incoming calls, or massages etc. It reaches a point that people even feel ghost vibrations of their phones and rush to check only to be disappointed. The first thing you do after getting up in the morning, and the last thing you do before going to sleep at night, is to check your phone.

We can safely conclude then that you are steadily obsessive over your phone. Laying up-close and personal with your phone and always searching for it with your hand in the dark when you are conscious, and that can also have significant interference with your sleeping patterns. Vacation time is more like an extended phone time for you. People would wreck their entire holiday by being glued to their phones instead of exhausting their quality time by delighting with their loved ones.

Honestly, what is the point of a holiday if all you cater for is your phone. Look, there are baby steps in combating this addiction and another simple way is to extract diversion, switch off press notifications for most of the apps.  You can scroll to Settings > “Notifications to control your preferences”. Oneself, I concentrate on notifications for my email, chat app messages, calendars, and utility apps. That should assist you in getting your life back. There is more to life than your phone. Begin to attend seminars, go to the gym, read more books, work on a new skill or refine your existing one. Do not contain yourself in one area, rather expand your horizon and experience life without being glued to your phone all the time.

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