Easter Celebrated Around the World

Easter is considered a Christian holiday but that doesn’t mean that only Christians can celebrate it. Easter is celebrated all over the world and every country has their own traditions. Here in South Africa, we go to church, eat Easter eggs and hot cross buns and sometimes participate in the ever fun Easter egg hunt. Other countries have their own ways of celebrating.


In Italy, a tradition called scoppio del carro, which in English means explosion of the cart, is celebrated. People load up a cart with fireworks and set it of for all to see. It is supposed to be a sign of peace and a great year to come.


The people of Brazil have a tradition of making straw dolls meant to represent Judas and hang them in the streets to be beaten up. Why not?


In India, Easter is celebrated with many festivities, including carnivals, songs, dances and plays performed in the streets. Gifts such as flowers, chocolate and lanterns are also given.


The Greek tradition of Pot Throwing sounds like a lot of fun. People throw their pots and pans out of their windows to be smashed on the streets. This is a way to welcome spring and symbolize new crops to be gathered.


Instead of participating in Easter egg hunts, the people of Bulgaria participate in egg fights which sounds so much better. At the end of the game, whoever has an unbroken egg is the winner and will the most successful in the year.

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