How Does Social Media Effect Us?

Social media is the ultimate trend of recent times. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are just a few of the many social media sites almost every person has an account of. An age old topic that is always debated among adults that don’t see the point of social media is whether it effects people in a negative way or a positive way. It’s seems to be a 50/50 but should it really be?

In my opinion, social media doesn’t really effect people in a negative way. It all depends on the person using it. The kind of person you are will tell you how you will be effected by social media.

One positive side of social media is the bridge that it builds. We can be friends with anyone all over the world and be connected to each other with social media. It brings us closer to each other. Another positive is the information we get. We can learn about events that happen in people’s lives when they decide to share it with us. Sometimes it’s nice to know what the people in our lives are doing without having to ask them. Then there’s the ability to share your thoughts and feelings to others and getting the opportunity to know that others feel the same.

Then there’s the negative side. Social media can become consuming to a lot of people. They find themselves on sites all the time and neglect everything else. However, you can’t really blame social media for that, you have to blame the person. People have to know where to draw the line. Yes, social media is fun but you shouldn’t make it everything. Know the time and place to use it.

Then there’s the biggest issue with social media. Cyber bullying. People can be cruel, that’s something that will never change. They give their opinion whether it’s hurtful or not. They use social media as a platform to be mean to others. Once again, it’s not social medias fault. People choose to be hurtful to others. They choose to use social media to to that. They can be hurtful whether they have social media or not.

Bottom line is, it’s how we use social media that says how it effects us. The positive ways will always be there but the negative ways depends on the user.

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