Do We Know Why We Celebrate Valentines?

How it All Began…..

We all commemorate Valentine’s Day without the comprehension of the history it connotates, the antiquity behind the celebration is not all roses and petals. Valentines is entitled after Saint Valentine. Once upon a time there was a Catholic priest who remained as a citizen in Rome during the 3rd Century.  We have been bombarded with various narratives concerning “ St Valentine” of course with the proceeding of the time these stories expanded into the fairytale we embrace and celebrate nowadays.

We have grown to understand through ancient times that during Valentine’s era, countless Romans were transmuting to Christianity, although the Emperor Claudius II was known as agnostic and generated uncompromising regulations regarding what Christians were permitted to do. Claudius trusted that Roman soldiers are entitled to be committed to Rome and he then prohibited any of them from marrying.  He disobeyed, St Valentine established a mission to wed these soldiers in confidence and this established the commencement of his stature for maintaining the importance of love.

Unfortunately, Valentine’s act of service was revealed and exposed and he was incarcerated for his transgressions against Claudius. While confined, he tended for the other convicts and alongside his jailor’s visually impaired daughter. According to history, it is mentioned that Valentine rehabilitated the girl’s blindness, not only that he went as far as inscribing her a love note authenticated by him – ‘from your Valentine’.  He was executed on 14 February in the year 278 AD.

He was known for his high regard for every woman including his birth mother. It has been said what people witnessed on that spring day, the 14th of Feb a male and female birds interacting in the trees and mating. It’s the mating season people. It is the initiation known as the cohabitation season for the beasts and the birds.

Although exotic money-oriented individuals are very appealed by the idea of witnessing a male bird and a female bird being up close and personal with each other with their beaks and having an effective sexual relation. Apparently, it is considered pleasing and prompts the idea of mating with your significant other.

In conclusion, what saint Valentines Day represents for a religious individual is relinquishing all, be ready to experience torment and assassination in the “favour” of the Lord. But to a consumerist person, Saint Valentine’s Day has a different perspective proceeding in the tread of the sex-driven birds.

By admin
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