The Christmas Holiday Season And Alcohol Abuse.

It is that time of the year, throughout the festive season, linking family unions, the office Christmas parties that we all look forward too, and widespread celebrations, inclinations or rather desires comes in numerous diversities from assorted beverages, champagne, wine and beer, the intensity can be elevated with other practical drugs such as cocaine, (mandrax) e.t.c.

In South Africa Alcohol abuse is a social economic problem that has cost peoples lives, supreme source of road demises worldwide, therefore the “South African Department of Transport’s” recommended an alteration to the “National Road Traffic Amendment Act, 1996”. The modification would subordinate the paramount authorized [Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)] for any particular road user from the present – day 0.05g per 100ml to 0.02g per 100ml of blood.

December is around the corner, the champagnes will be toasted, the wine circulating around the glass and that bottle of beer on the ice bucket. The complication is established the minute one finds himself/herself gulping on alcohol beyond the estimated measure and that can lead to wrong decision making. The (NIAAA) [National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism] explains debauch drinking as an ornamentation of drinking that carries an individual’s “blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 grams” percentage, it can even exceed sometimes. Apparently, it happens when males indulge in a maximum of 5 drinks, and females in a maximum of four drinks in a fraction of two hours.

Long-term effects

Mental health

Every individual has their unique reason for their own alcohol intake, some utilize it as a coping mechanism through burdensome trials and tribulations, it has been stated that it reduces stress by alcohol consumers, although alcohol abuse is in fact affiliated with a span of psychological health issues pertaining despondency, agitation, incautious behavior, personality disarray and schizophrenia. We cannot deny the association alcohol has with pre-mature deaths, It has been stated by the  “The Mental Health Foundation report that 65% of premature deaths have been affiliated with uncurbed gulping of alcohol. It has been mentioned that “70% of men” that take the initiative to end their very existence in this world guzzle on alcohol before exiting.

It is alarming to learn that virtually “one-third of suicides” amid the youth manifest while the individual is inebriated. The effects of Alcohol are atrocious, alcohol influences pieces of your brain that dominate discernment, attentiveness, coordination, conduct and sentiments. We need to be alert this festive season when we binge drink, it may result in a possibility of coming to be casualties of transgressions, eg domiciliary violence, being robbed and assaulted. When we find our selves tangled in being misanthropic or in criminal conduct like brutal confrontations, deliberate distraction we need to be aware of the causes. When we drink and drive it’s a whole other case as well for example you may cause a road accident and result in homicide, In the work place and it may result in a tragedy fire incident that might cost the company. You might stand a chance to be let go in your area of expert, let loose at work, that might result in replicated non-attendee or mediocre accomplishments at work.

In our beautiful country South Africa, the authorized restriction is an inhalation alcohol content of “0.24mg per 1 000ml or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml”.

It has been stated by the South African leadership that the average alcohol utilization does not overreach two common drinks, well, that would be “340ml or a half quart of beer” in a particular day for females and of course common drinks that have been stated.  “SAB – states that the regulation is a topmost of one component of alcohol drinking for each hour, which comprises 10ml of uncontaminated alcohol, grounded on a full-grown individual “weighing 68kg”.


In order to enjoy our holiday in peace and tranquillity, we need to attempt trailing our alcohol intake consistently as we drink. There are options for alcohol that have a lower percentage that might still offer the same feeling but allow one to be sober-minded, to be aware of his/her surrounding. You will be consuming the same amount of liquid but one that contains less alcohol percentage.

You can alternate for half-litres if your preference is advanced strength lager, maybe attempt an under-strength beverage alternative. Oscillate alcoholic beverages with fizzy drinks, some water, also try alcohol-free beers “that is beers with a less than 0.05 ABV)

Arrive alive, be Safe as you enjoy the festive season.

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