Family Christmas Traditions

Every family has their own special family tradition that makes Christmas feel all the more special. These traditions bring the family together and help to make new memories with each other. However, is there such a thing as to many traditions? No, the more the merrier and nothing beats a merry Christmas. Here are a few traditions that you can add to make your Christmas even better.

Secret Santa

A long standing Christmas tradition that combines thoughtfulness and suspense. This tradition is usually played in a big group to make it more fun. Everybody puts their name in a hat and draws another name from it. This is the person that you have to buy a present for. You have the chance to be thoughtful in buying your gift and makes you wonder who has your name. On Christmas morning you get to exchange gifts with each other and know who picked whose name.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A game children will love to play. Of course children also love seeing their presents under the Christmas tree but you can keep one aside for this. Hide one of the presents somewhere and create a scavenger hunt for the kids. Write down clues for them to help them try to figure out where it is hidden.

Christmas Ornaments

Having your very own Christmas tree ornaments will make the tree look even more festive. Simply get some plain ornaments and decorate them however you like. You can have your name or a drawing or even a holiday saying. It’s just like making your own Easter egg.

Christmas Shirts

Ever heard of ugly Christmas sweaters? Well we celebrate Christmas in the Summer so it’s a little to hot for that so regular shirts will have to suffice. You can customize your own holiday themed shirt for the whole family.


To remind us that Christmas isn’t about receiving but about giving. When shopping for Christmas presents, take the time to buy something, maybe a toy or clothes, and donate it to charity. Help someone in need have a merry Christmas.

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