Things to do this Summer Holiday

Exams are coming to an end and stress levels are about to go down. School/universities will close and everyone’s favourite time of year approaches, summer holiday. An entire month where you can do nothing but relax. Most of us just want to have fun, no matter what it is we’re doing. A month can go by in a flash so try and do anything and everything.


Going out all the time isn’t for everyone. Some people just feel more comfortable a home. If you’re one of those people and wish to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep, then don’t let anyone stop you.


A family vacation is the perfect way to see new sights, spend some quality time with the family and make new memories you can tell your friends all about when you get home.

Binge Watch

While burning the midnight oil studying for exams, you might not have had the time to catch up on your favourite shows or even the latest movies that have been released. Maybe spend a few days with some popcorn and candy curled up on the couch and catch up.


It’s hard not to want to go to the beach during summer. The weather can get a little much and cooling down in the ocean can sound heavenly. Just don’t forget your sunscreen because sun burn is almost guaranteed if you do.  

Ice Cream

Summers the best time to consume copious amounts of ice cream. Why not make your very own ice cream sundae as a summer treat.


Gather a bunch of your friends and get in your exercise by playing sports. Play volleyball at the beach or soccer in the park. It’s not only fun but let’s you get a good work at the same time. Pack some lunch and make it a fun day in the park.


Summer holiday also means Christmas which means getting into the festive spirit. You can spend a day or two decorating your house in preparation for the big day. Putting up the tree, hanging up lights outside and whatever other fun ideas you can think of.


If you’ve never given baking a try, you’d be surprised how fun it can actually be. On top of that, you get to enjoy delicious treats after.

Pool Party

A small get together with your closest friends, lounging by the pool and sipping on some refreshing drinks sounds like the life right?  Find out for yourselves.

These are just some the fun things you can do. Remember, it’s your holiday and you can spend it doing whatever you feel like doing whether it’s going out all the time or spending it indoors.

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