Reading Books vs Watching Movies

It’s become a common concept when books are made into movies. Some of the best movie franchises have been based on books like Harry Potter, Twilight or Hunger Games. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe is based on comic books. Even TV series have been adapted from books like Game of Thrones. So with their being two versions of these stories available, which is better?

Most people would probably say movies. Why would you waste your time reading a hundred and something page book when you can just watch the movie. Watching the movie does save you time and presents the key parts of the story in them. It also provides you with visuals so you can see places as it was intended instead of trying to picture it yourself when reading. You also get the chance to put a face to the character. When you see the actor playing the character, you tend to always associate them with their character.

Then there’s reading books. People don’t read as much as they used to, especially the younger generation. Our world is now a technological world and with the internet available to almost anyone who’s going to go to a library anymore? However there are those who still appreciate the joy of reading. Reading opens up the story in ways movies never can. While movies gives you the visuals, books gives you the background. A movie can only fit so much in a few hours but books allow you to go deeper into the world you’re reading about. You get to know the characters better by seeing the story form their perspective.

I don’t think I would be able to choose between the two. I’ve always loved watching movies and when I was younger I hated reading. As I grew up and actually finished a novel, I fell in love with it. The first book I read was Harry Potter and I read it after I watched the movie. While reading it I found out that the world of Harry Potter is so much bigger than I originally thought. There were great scenes and great characters that didn’t make it into the movie and that’s a shame. Knowing the finer details helped understand the story better. Just because I loved reading doesn’t mean my love for movies diminished. I loved seeing a story I love come to life as sometimes the imagination doesn’t serfice.

So if you prefer watching movies then you should give the book a chance. It might take some time to finish but as you read that last sentence and close it, it’s worth it.

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