5 Imaginative Summer Garden Party Ideas to Take From Fashion Designer Stella McCartney

It isn’t that we all find the time to plan a fun filled summer party with all the chaos that comes with the end of the year. But this summer we thought if you were having a party or planning one why not make it one for you and friends or guests to remember. The best way to do that is in style. McCartney a well-known British design through a beautiful summer garden party and we just couldn’t help but one too steal some ideas!

Here, is a look at a few of the most delightful ideas to steal for the soirees you’re planning this season.

Choose a surprising location, and set the mood.

This year’s party was held in the lush, shaded lawns of the General Theological Seminary in Chelsea. Upon passing through the tall gates, guests were greeted by rows and rows of pink plastic flamingos—a cheery harbinger of the fun to come. And, around the party’s perimeter, a white picket fence with pineapple cut-outs had been set.

Hand everyone a drink immediately—and make sure it’s a pretty one.

Just past the flamingos, servers with trays of spicy delicious looking pineapple margaritas or grapefruit-tequila palomas, each decorated with tropical mini umbrellas or colorful paper straws met guests. Great way to set the summer mood for your bash!

Invite some unexpected guests.

Sure, there were a lot—Helena Christensen, Alec Baldwin, Lily Collins, and more—but the most popular attendees were the colorful parrots holding court in one corner.

Make the entertainment match the decor.

Around nearly every bend, there were plenty of playful surprises, including a pineapple-pin bowling set, a coconut shy game, and even some virtual reality. Yes we are all not fashion designers, but here is an opportunity to let your creative side flow and find inexpensive way for fun filled original entertainment!  

Never misjudge the impact of a good live set or music.

Nothing will kill a vibe faster than downbeat music. Get some awesome summer tunes, or a resident DJ (one of your pals) to kick the party in full swing for the summer!

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