Study Tips for Matric Finals

The end of year has arrived in a blink of an eye and Matric students all over South Africa sit down to write their final high school exam. After dealing with five years of high school, it’s all coming to a close after this. A month full of learning, stressing, cramming, late night study sessions and even more stressing. For a more effective study schedule, here are some study tips to help you out.

Set up Workstation

Make sure your study area is organized the way you want. Have everything you need in a specific place so it becomes easy to find when you need it. Make sure you have plenty of space preferably a table or your bed if you prefer. If you need silence, study away from people. If you require some sort of background noise, I find music is best.


After I learn something, I find that writing everything I’ve learned down helps to make sure I remember it properly.

Take Breaks

Studying for long periods of time isn’t healthy, especially if you get bored easily. Taking breaks helps you retain the information you learn. Give your brain a break every now and again. Study for an hour or two and then take a 20 minute break.

Eat Brain Food

Foods like almonds are said to help your brain function better and improve memory. If you think it will help, then give it a try. Peanuts, blueberries and avocados will also do.


I always found that associating my work with something I liked helps me remember things better. Like when we were kids and My Very Earthly Mother Just Served Us Nice Pie helped us to remember the order of the planets.

Avoid Late Studying

This is something I’ve been guilty of doing. Despite how much I regret doing it, I somehow still manage to do it again. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t start studying a day or two before the exam, but rather spread it through the entire week. Trust me, it helps.

Get Sleep

If you follow step 6, then you can get plenty of sleep before the exam and not be stuck learning into the night. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is vital as your brain needs rest to remember all your work the next day.

Flash Cards

Write down all the important information that you need in short form on flash cards. This way, you can carry them on you and can go through your work anytime you want. In the morning as you get ready,  on your way to school or anytime you get free time.

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