In a business-driven world, filled with career opportunities and big dreams, lies a new recruitment platform that is set to hit South African shores and completely take over the market as it’s currently known.
Introducing Stackracket… 

Brought to you by Morgan Gronn (a recruiter by trade and the founder of Stackracket), StackRacket is an interactive recruitment portal that automates the entire recruitment process from start to finish – online.

Stackracket targets only skilled professionals from Graduates up to C Suite Staff Members as well as small to large corporations/enterprises.

But wait, it’s not only for the professional individual looking for that life-changing career position, it’s designed in such a way that it offers corporate companies the opportunity to review, select, and fill their current job positions, with ease!

Gone are the overflowed recruitment portals, hiding the name of the company they are recruiting for. Gone are the incorrect salary brackets being advertised, gone are the multiple declined offers due to unrealistic expectations. Stackracket is changing the way we find jobs and employee skilled staff!

Post a job:  Millions of unique and talented users creating the largest network of qualified & vetted candidates, ensuring the best way of turning hiring into a quick and calculated process.
Create a Profile: Lets not get into the many reasons why we do not want to go through recruiters to find our perfect career. Well in this network we link you directly to the employer.

Welcome to the first application that tracks and feeds back to you about where you are in the process of finding your perfect job.  Stackracket allows you to go through the entire job seeking process from application stage to interview stage and finally to offer stage – all online! Making finding a job a quick, easy and fun process.

Stackracket is a start-up disrupting the recruitment industry in the E- Commerce space. The concept behind Stackracket was developed through research and findings that there was a pain in the online recruitment space and came about to disrupt the recruitment industry and revolutionize the process through changes that would streamline and fine comb the entire recruitment life cycle.

Stackracket is established as a propriety limited with future plans is to extend Stackracket into 3 different international countries. Stackracket is copyrighted and trademarked in South Africa and has the intention of extending the copyright and trademark into those three other countries namely; China, America and Australia.

We invite you, the career-driven individual to sit back, and watch as Stackracket makes it’s way to South Africa, LIVE, on 26th October 2017!


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