Going through a break-up? What not to do on social media when your relationship comes to an end….

Rule number one: No drunk statuses

Breaking up with someone is never easy, especially when you are the on left heartbroken. Breaking up in the 21st century makes it even harder, with social media we still feel connected to the person and cyber stalking or constantly checking up on your ex probably does more harm then good!

Do your unfollow or unfriend them? 

When you are trying your best to get over someone it is not exactly helpful to constantly see their face cropping up everyday. However instead of unfriending them it will probably help to just be selective and hide how much you see of them – which you can now do on most social platforms. Facebook lets you remain friends but hide their updates from your feed, for example. You can also mute people on Twitter without them knowing.

According to Nathaniel Cassidy, a PR and marketing expert from 3ManFactory, chose to treat his break-up with an ex-girlfriend of seven years like one of his clients, working with her to formulate a social media strategy.

 “In my professional life I’m quite used to giving advice to organisations and individuals about how to handle crisis over social media,” he told The Independent. “So I decided to treat the break up like a crisis management situation for a client. I didn’t want the additional heartache and headache, and I was acutely aware that social media might make the break-up all the more painful for the both of us, our families, and our friends.”

Personally, he decided on hiding content rather than unfriending her or her family and friends: “If I unfriended or blocked people, was that sending a message? I didn’t want to send a message I just wanted to move on. I chose to just to hide content rather than disconnect from people. I didn’t want to send a message but I also didn’t want the unnecessary turmoil of seeing each other move on, or enjoying life, or feeling down.”

Be careful what you post 

While social media can be a great creative outlet to share your musing thoughts, this definitely does not include a wine-fuelled status about how you have “NEVER FELT BETTER” in the immediate days or weeks after a break-up. It’s like I say if you have to advertise it’s probably not worth buying,

Also, avoid passive aggressive or inspirational quotes on Instagram. These are irritating at the best of times, let alone when there’s a message that you think is subtle but really is painstakingly obvious. And if you are using it to get their attention DO NOT, you unfortunately you have to face the facts its over and sharing something that you hope make them think otherwise will just hurt you.

Avoid cyber stalking 

Ooops, I’m sure I am not alone in this, you constantly checking up on your ex to see what they doing are the enjoying life without you and is there someone new in the picture. However Constantly looking at what your ex has been up to will never be a good idea, even if they are having a bad time. Stalking comes with many risks, for example jumping to conclusions after spotting him or her tagged in a photo with someone you have not seen before. Or, thinking they are completely over you just because they took one photo of themselves smiling at a party, but whose to say they weren’t crying in the corner the rest of the night?


The main thing is to keep yourself busy, surround yourself with loved ones – and maybe don’t spend so much time on social Media. And remember with a break up becomes a lessoned learned and the best way to help you get over it, is give your ex the least social media attention possible!

By Chloe Leal

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