Taking The Perfect Selfie

You can’t go on any social media site and not see someone posting a selfie for the day. People love taking selfies, looking at selfies, liking other people’s selfies and looking for opportunities to take their next selfie. It’s a craze that has swept the world. Taking the perfect selfie can be hard, so here’s a few tips for all you selfie takers.

Lighting is everything. You want a picture where people can see you clearly, not obscured by darkness. Natural lighting is better for selfies so stand outside or maybe in front of a window.
Try out different angles until you find the one that you like best. Forget about the cliche selfie where your face is in the center of the photo, be different and original.
Selfie Stick
If you love taking selfies all the time, then you should probably invest in a selfie stick. Sometimes seeing your extended arm in your picture can be annoying so a selfie stick will solve the problem.
You don’t want your picture to look like your ID or drivers license pictures. There’s a reason we all seem to naturally hate those. Simple backgrounds can be boring and plain, instead try more scenic backgrounds. Take a selfie in the park, on the beach, on the street or even at the mall.
Selfie Face
Find your perfect selfie face and use it. Please don’t use the duck face because it has been severely overdone. Try something more natural.
Group Shots
When taking a group shot without a selfie stick, it should go without saying that the person with the longest arms should be the one taking it. Have them stand in the middle of the group with everyone around them so no one is left out. If there are to many people for that, try going low and have them face the camera down on everyone.

Changing the brightness or adding a filter can be attention grabbing. If you have the time, go ahead and try it out.
Do You
Perhaps the best tip there is, just be yourself. Have fun when you take your selfie. Whether you’re laughing, smiling, crying, or goofing around, you do you.

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