How to Catch a Catfish

With social media being the place to be, it’s no surprise that people choose to turn to it to meet someone special. Online dating has become an everyday occurrence and people lying about who they really are, catfishing, even more so. In fact there’s an entire show on MTV dedicated to finding these people. So before we go and try to get a hold of Nev and Max to find out if you are being catfished, let’s take a look at some warning signs first.

Something’s Come Up

If you have been talking to someone for a while and feel like it’s time for you two to meet in person but for some reason your plans never seem to work, that’s a big warning sign. “I can’t make it” or “Something’s come up” might be able to work the first time but if it keeps happening, they are trying to avoid meeting in person. They most definitely don’t look like their picture.

Can’t Come to the Phone

If you have never been able to talk to your significant other on the phone, that’s a problem. No matter what the excuse is, there’s no reason a phone call can’t happen eventually. The most likely reason for this is that they are the opposite gender than they have lead you to believe.


Under no circumstance are you to give money to someone online. If have never met this person, then you definitely shouldn’t be doing it. It most likely is a scam and your money is being used for reasons you are unaware of. Remember, only you should now your banking details so keep it that way.

I’m Dying

Now be careful with this as there is a chance that they might actually be dying. This is where the first two signs come into play. If you have never met or talked to them on the phone, then it might be a lie. If they refuse a hospital visit, be cautious.

Model/Record Producer

These are two professions most commonly used on the TV show Catfish. It is the perfect excuse for why they can’t meet you as they tend to be really busy with their jobs.

P.S I Love You

If they declare their undying love for you right of the bat, that’s a big red flag. It’s not smart to get so involved with someone so soon especially if you have doubts about who they say they are. Take it slow and only think about commitment when you know without a doubt that they are legit.

I Don’t Have a Phone

Another popular excuse that should be a warning sign. It’s really hard to believe that someone in this day and age doesn’t own a cellphone. Don’t fall for it, its most likely an excuse.

There you have it, Nev and Max might be the ultimate catfish super sluthes, but you can also tell when something isn’t right. Trust your instinct, if you have doubts don’t ignore them. No one wants to be on the other side of a catfish.

Image Source: Instagram

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