Influential Women Talk About The Power Of Reading, “Readers Are Leaders”.

Life is a mystery uncovered since the contrivance of writing, when we read it plays as a crucial part in granting specification on people. When we read we always regard that as a pedigree of stature and a marker of purification and literature. There is so much at stake when we read, we do not only assimilate a text but often  add a performance to our text.

In every part of history perceptible reading and flamboyant book accumulation is conveyed by a hankering to exhibit evidence of holding highly desired cultural prestige and attainment. The inhabitants of the previous Transkei region, Magona flourished in a community near Cape Town, She labored as a domestic worker and accomplished her secondary schooling by correlation. She later advanced from the University of South Africa and obtained a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Social Work from Columbia University. She was awarded In the year 1993 an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Hartwick College, Oneonta, and she progressed in the year 1997 to be in the New York Foundation for the Arts associated in the non-fiction league. She was the protagonist, as “Singisa” in our own isiXhosa retro drama series “Ityala Lamawele. “

In her journey of education she became a writer, Sindiwe Magona is also a proclaimed poet, playwright, narrator, performer and inducement speaker. Throughout her writing career, she has managed to print two life story exertion: She managed to publish Her first novel in the year 1998, It was named “The Best Meal Ever!”.

She continues to inspire and urges for the growth of South Africa in literature.  She has also taken part in drafting and printing a number of children’s books, including The Best Meal Ever, and also Life is a Hard But Beautiful Thing. She keeps on elevating in her literature, in 2008 her book; the novel Beauty’s Gift was published. She is notorious in education and literacy advocate. She has been a teacher for several years and holds the belief that elders, parents need to be at the vanguard of their offspring’s indoctrination and should be inculcating a heritage of teaching and studying in their kids from a tender age. Angelina Ntombizanele Sithebe was bred and untrusted in the township of Soweto, Johannesburg and completed her matric from (Inanna Seminary in Durban). She successfully completed her academic studies in geologist from Brooklyn College in New York (she lingered there for quite some time), She has toiled in various areas, incorporating geotechnical engineering, scholarship administration, and communications. She strongly believes in the power of reading, and being knowledgeable, with that change can be attainable through self-freedom.

 “There are few black readers and fewer black writers in South Africa. Black people should read more so that they become informed. I am trying to correct that balance,”  -Sithebe said frankly at one point.”

We also have our beautiful talented Lebogang Mashile (Conceived In The Year 1979) She is a performer, lyricist, poet and television power-household. She has garnered the “2006 Pan African book prize”, the (Noma Award), it was for her initial printed pile of poems.

She happens to be a daughter of the of expatriate South Africans.

When she turned sixteen years she and her family recurred to their home country, our home country. She became who she was destined to be while she was learning law, and international relations at the University of Witwatersrand, her desire to be established as an artist took a grip on her.

As she worked as a life expertise coordinator for children – concentrating on affairs like gender concerns, partnership, and sexuality – she has always expressed herself through poetry.

 It is crucial to be updated on the happenings of this world; we all need to be conscious at the end of the day. When we comprehend its present state of occurrence, the orientation, its inscription, and our position in the unfurling narrative. It is important to attain some fundamental comprehension of antiquity to discern how circumstances came to be. Educating ourselves about the ancient and immediate can relinquish us a demonstration of the future. If we follow this route we can steer our own career route, political perspective, and finding of current matters.

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