To Spray, To Roll or To Stick

Deodorant is important and it should be a fundamental part of your daily hygiene routine. There is often confusion when it comes to the term deodorant and antiperspirants. Antiperspirants were created to halt your sweat glands, preventing profuse sweating throughout the day. Products labelled antiperspirants are great for any nervous sweaters. Deodorants, on the other hand, are fragranced and  their job is to help fight any bad odours. With deodorants you’ll still sweat but at least you’ll smell great doing it.

That being said; what’s the best way to apply it deodorant? Rolling? Spraying or simply sticking it under your arms? Read on to find out just how you should be treating your armpits.

Antiperspirants keeps sweat away

Roll It

When applied in the mornings, roll-ons are wet so you’ll have to wait for it to dry before putting on a shirt or whatever it is you’re wearing. Roll-ons are very discreet and no one will notice you applying a fresh coat. The sizes of roll-ons make them easy to carry and they’re also great for sensitive skins.

Spray Away

Years ago, sprays were filled with CFCs that potentially destroyed the ozone layer but today these CFCs have been banned from every aerosol can.

Deodorants that are sprays are known to dry quicker than roll-ons or sticks. Sprays will keep you dry and fresh for almost two days straight and they don’t leave any residue like stick deodorants. Then again when you accidentally breathe in that spray- it’s not a fun time.

Deodorant spray works well

Stick It Up

Deodorant sticks are also very discreet.

You won’t feel like you’re losing the product from over-using it. It’ll be hard to over-apply. They also come in different forms be it a solid or gel. Then again, sticks have been guilty of leaving white residue on your clothes when you put them on. Sticks are also more environmentally friendly as they’re free of aerosol.

By Pierrette Mulumba

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