Artificial Intelligence: Could It Replace You?

Artificial Intelligence sounds like it could be one of the coolest things ever invented. Some of us have probably dreamed of being Iron Man and having our very own J.A.R.V.I.S to do whatever you say with a single command. Our technology is constantly evolving more and more as time goes by, so it’s only a matter of time before AI becomes integrated in our lives.

Look at how far technology has come so far. Remember the days when our cell phones had actual buttons on them or when you needed an actual radio to listen to the radio or even when USB’s could only be used on computers. AI will without a doubt be a huge step forward and the things it could do could be amazing, like cars that drive themselves (which will be a blessing to bad drivers everywhere) or voice controlled houses.

While there are a lot of pros to having AI there are also cons, the biggest one being the effect it will have on employment. Think about it, there’s a chance that your profession could be taken over and where does that leave you?

In a study by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, they were able to compile a list of some jobs and the chance they have of being automated. A few jobs with a higher chance include telemarketer at 99%, loan officer at 98%, cashiers at 96% and Taxi drivers at 89%. The jobs with the least likely chance were jobs such as surgeons or one’s that required creative thinking. However, least likely doesn’t mean never.

Let’s not panic just yet, obviously not everyone is going to be fired and replaced by robots as that seems a tad bit extreme, but the job that you are used to doing will undoubtedly be changed and may force you to adapt to that change.

So the question is, is artificial intelligence the best thing for future technology? We might never really know until it happens. While some people might be fully on board with the idea, there are also those who prefer things just the way there are. If it does become a reality, any of us can be affected by the change. It might work out for the better, or it could make things worse.

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