Jessica Alba finds her Zen

The One Thing Jessica Alba Does To Relax That You Can Do, Too

It is hard to imagine that Jessica Alba’s life is very Zen, given at the moment she runs a billion- dollar business and has two kids with a third on its way! Still, the actress appeared calm in an interview with Byrdie backstage during NYFW, so much so that they incredulously investigated as to how she keeps her cool.

“I like to listen to meditations. I did TM [transcendental meditation] but I find it’s kind of tough to meditate on your own—for me—so I like Headspace And you can do five-minute meditations; ten-minute mediations … and you can go to whatever it is you’re dealing with. It’s pretty dope.”

This seems like pretty simple trick to copy, with all the craziness in our lives I think it is important to take a moment to sit in silence and find your inner peace.

Some of Albas other anxiety-busters sound pretty easy to follow, too. “I try to make sure that I eat a good dinner, and I get at least five or six hours of sleep—and drink tons of water. I find that there’s nothing that replaces something just so basic.”

We agree on this one, we can imagine she is either a fantastic cook—because she’s clearly perfect or maybe has someone do the meal-prep for her. While we can’t afford our own personal chefs, we can find simple ways to prep our meals before hand. Either way having your food prep is a great way to avoid the stress of deciding what you want to eat and if you have the time. As for sleep, well, that’s always a tough nut to crack, but if a pregnant woman with two small children and massive business obligations can do it. 

Alba’s final relaxation tip is, like the rest, both relatable and attainable. “I like to take a shower at night. I feel like taking a shower or taking a bath, it just kind of like—I wind down.” We are so onboard with this nighttime routine, though we prefer to be horizontal and as extra as possible while cleansing in the PM.  

It is also important to figure out what works for you and realize when it’s time to de-stress and take a chill. Everyone needs some downtime and finding a little more Zen in your life may improve your everyday mood and sleep, and health routine.

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