Apple’s New iOS 11 Is Nearly Here!

And it is The Biggest iPhone Update Ever


Over the weekend there was a major Apple leak, tech enthusiast went crazy over the speculation, saying that the whole thing was an inside job. But to be completely honest we were concerned about something more important: animated emojis (animojis, if you will). That is right, thanks to Apple we are getting 3-D versions of our fave emojis and to top it off we get to personally customize their expressions! (Insert excited emoji face!). On top of all the cool and amazing new features that we already know the new iOS 11 will bring to our smartphones.

It does not stop there, the latest the latest firmware is expected to launch straight into the iPhone 8 family, with Apple bypassing the 7S. The new phones will have the names: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and an elusive iPhone X that reportedly has a facial recognition software instead of the current fingerprint ID, but it doesn’t stop there! The new iPhone X camera has adjustment features that’ll undoubtedly make for even better selfies. However the one downside is the price, apparently the iPhone X will start at around about $1,000. The South African prices have yet to be confirmed.  While that doesn’t make us want the phone any less, we reckon at the rate Apple is going with these upgrades, chances are no one but Tim Cook himself will be able to afford iPhone 10.

Watch out for the iPhone X launch this week!

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