Escape to Bali

From volcanic beaches to luscious rice fields, there is so much to see and discover in Bali. Whilst you would need at least a month to really make the most of what this tropical paradise has to offer, here are our top 5 activities for avid adventurers…

Rice Field Wandering:

An amazing way to experience Bali in a different light and meet the locals who work to harvest the rice crops year round, an activity not to be missed during your stay is a journey through the rice fields. I spent a few hours one early morning walking the narrow tracks near Ubud, marveling in the beauty of inland Bali that is just as special as the scenic coastline. With hidden gems to find along the way including massage and holistic healing huts, I was excited to discover local coconut vendors supplying freshly gathered coconuts to keep me hydrated throughout my trek. Bali’s rice fields are a must-visit for the curious wanderer eager to experience the real Bali.

Tegenungan Waterfall:

A short 20 minute scooter ride from Ubud, Tegenungan is one of the few waterfalls in Bali not situated in the highlands or mountains, making it a much more accessible option for those keen to experience the beauty of Bali’s numerous waterfalls without having to embark on a full day trek. Suitable for swimming and sunbathing, Tegenungan is renowned for its lush green surroundings and heavy water flow – a popular quick escape from the busyness of the surrounding villages.

Volcanic Beaches:

Bali is a volcanic island and home to a selection of black sand beaches, most notably on the east coast, the north coast and the west coast. During the first part of my stay at Alila Villas Soori, I was lucky enough to be staying on the beachfront of one of Bali’s most beautiful black sand beaches and it truly is a spectacular sight. As well as possessing a rare natural beauty, The Balinese people have used volcanic sand for centuries as a mode of healing thanks to the medicinal and spiritual qualities they believe it possesses. You can experience the benefits firsthand for yourself at Spa Alila Villas Soori.

Bali Eco Cycling Tours:

For an ecological, cultural, culinary and learning experience like no other, if you can brave the heat, Bali’s Eco Cycling Tours provide a wonderful and unique way to explore the island. Shying away from the typical tourist areas, expect to discover a different side of Bali designed to enable you to experience typical Balinese daily life. Not for the faint hearted, you’ll be mountain biking through small villages, climbing active volcanoes, trekking through ancient rainforests and snorkelling amongst some of the worlds most beautiful and thriving coral reefs.

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