Bye Bye, why it may be time to move on and let go

I am sure I am not alone in this; you first meet someone that changes your world and the next minute they don’t want to be a part of it. It may seem at times that we need to let this someone go, although it is easier said than done especially when they have played a prominent role in life how ever long for. But at times I find we hold on too past memories rather than looking at how they make us feel in the present and whether we need it in our future.

I definitely in no way have mastered the art of letting go; especially when I can’t imagine what my world would be like if I did let this person go. In the 21st century it almost is nearly impossible, with social media what everyone is doing and what constantly remind you that someone is doing without you. If you like me constantly checking up on what they are doing than it is really time to let go, wasting your time checking on what someone else is doing is only continuing the downward spiral. It is time to let go, but how exactly does one do that, when they are gripping on so tightly to something that they think may change it’s mind. The truth they usually won’t, if they have told you how they feel and that they don’t want you to be in their life than as I say “when people tell you want they want, listen” and move on.

So here is why it is time to let go, heads up it may take time but thankfully time is on our side.

The first thing is to understand it will be better to let that someone go, it really will trust me there are billions people in this universes you are bound to meet another. One who wants you for today, tomorrow and even forever?

Let go

And I know it doesn’t seem like that could be the case. You wouldn’t admit this out loud to your friends, but you’d rather have a piece of him than nothing at all. Maybe you’ll be okay settling for a fraction of his affection. He can have all of you. You just want a bite.

But that’s not how love is supposed to work. Love isn’t supposed to feel like a bargaining tool. You shouldn’t be waiting with bated breath for the day they will come to their senses and realize you are everything they want. 

You can’t make someone choose you.

Even if you choose them a thousand times in a thousand in all different ways. When someone tells you they are not ready, or do not want anything with you – Listen! . Don’t look for the exception. Don’t try to find any loopholes. Take what they say as face value.

There will be a night when you are awake at 2 am wondering what’s wrong with you. There will be a night when being so in love with someone who is not invested feels like a war that you are losing more and more every second.

And that’s because you are. You will keep losing until you let.

If they wanted you they would be all in

You wouldn’t need to convince that someone. You wouldn’t need to pull out a PowerPoint presentation to remind them of all your great traits and strengths. They would already know and celebrate your strengths with you.

They wouldn’t make you feel this way. If they loved you, you wouldn’t feel so alone.

So let them go. Let go for yourself. Because as long as you are holding onto this, nothing else will come around. No other love will be able to knock on your door

By admin
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