Who is the Blonde Salad?

                             Meet crazy blogger Chiara Ferragni!  

                      How she turned her life into a shopping window


Instragam bloggers are everywhere, travelling to glorious destinations, eating all kinds of delicious meals and portraying their day-to-day outfits. But one blogger in particular caught our eye, especially how she has managed to build an empire through her social media page.

With her blog The Blonde Salad, the former law student has used her social media style posts to create a multi-million pound.

The name Chiara Ferragni may not be too familiar those over-35s but the 29-year-old’s alter ego; The Blonde Salad is kind of a big deal.  She is an ex-law student from a small town close to Milan; Ferragni started her blog in 2009 called The Blonde Salad, documenting her personal style, blow-dried locks and kooky cross-eyed faces.  Now over 7 years later, she has over 7.3 million followers on Instagram and more than 14 million page viewers per month on her website!

The website today now also functions as a shop selling everything from suitcases to stilettos all designed by Ferragni herself.  There’s also Chiara Ferragni Collection a shoe brand with flats and boots covered with her signature eye logo. The brand is cool, fun and unique!

Some may give the inevitable eye roll, who believe success should flow from a discernible talent. But with people like Ferragni it is remarkable how she built her career on taking pictures of herself and her outfits.

Ferragni has been on the Forbes Under 30 lists twice, The Subject of Harvard Buisness School studies and on 55 magazine covers. Not bad going for a small town Italian girl.  She has become an alpha example of an influencer the new term for social media players who go beyond blogging to all platforms, flogging both their own and anointing other brands with their approval.

So if you feeling like some style inspiration go check out The Blonde Salad and her world, which started with a few unique pieces, that has now become a multi-million dollar empire and she truly deserves all the credit. “Do watch you love and others who love you will follow.”

By admin
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