Get Ready for Miss Eagle South Africa 2018! 

MESA 2018 is South Africa’s largest social media search via Facebook. In todays digital world, traditional contests are dated and MESA is a fresh approach embracing change to contests in this age. Now everybody who meets the requirement can apply easily and begin campaigning effectively. According to Renuka Kalidin, MESA Co-Founder and Visionary the main objective of this initaitive is to bring about a revolutionary change in the mindsets of our young women.

“This is a platform by which one can achieve their dreams and help others in our country” says Emma Scott, MESA Co-ordinator.

“MESA 2018 is all about Beauty with Brilliance and Purpose. Someone who is beautiful on the inside and out. A woman who exudes her beautiful nature in caring and contributing to her community and country. A leader who can engage with people on all levels, someone who is confident and not afraid of the limelight. Someone who does not wait for success to fall on her lap, but who is willing to take it for herself. Someone who cares about the important issues affecting society and her country, drives support and is willing to be part of the solution. A tough, powerful spirited woman who can help and inspire others to realize their full potential by believing in themselves and following their dreams. An inspirational Leader who can represent her country nationally and internationally” says Kalidin.

“I believe I should be Miss Eagle South Africa because I posses the qualities that Miss Eagle South Africa should have. This is a platform that stands for what I believe most in to inspire, empower and to be a young role model to all young women Globally. I have always had the burning desire and passion to make a difference and to inspire a nation so that they could reach their dreams and successes.” says Contestant Shenay Prinsloo from Durban.

How to Enter Miss Eagle South Africa 2018

Go onto the Miss Eagle South Africa Facebook Page and send a message with your name, age, province and write the reason why you should be Miss Eagle South Africa.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/misseaglesa/

Website: www.misseaglesa.co.za

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