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CEO and Brand Master at KO By Karina Ochis and Founder of Ana Karina Luxury Concept, Karina is the Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life and Brand Coach who travels the world in a relentless quest for life mastery and successful ventures whilst ‘building her empire’ and running several businesses.

A visionary businesswoman, Karina entered the business world at only 19 with a ‘bang’ being, personally coached in business by JT Foxx (World’s #1 Wealth Coach) and counseled by George Ross (Donald Trump’s right hand man) who recognised her unique entrepreneurial flair. Collaborating with world authorities such as Lady Mone (UK’s leading female entrepreneur) and Wayne Allyn Root (US vice-presidential candidate), she became the personal branding ‘it girl’, running KO By Karina Ochis. Her secret formula on elite branding is elaborated in Cracking the Code to Success – the book she co-authored with Bryan Tracy (Chairman of Bryan Tracy International and world – renowned development authority), released in April 2017, in the US. She is currently the producer and host of the YouTube shows Karina’s Branding Biz. Club and Weekly K.

Whilst branding herself, Karina overtook a complete outlook transformation. The experience let Karina to found Ana Karina Luxury Concept, inaugurated with Elite Life Beauty and Wellbeing Spa. Karina wishes to develop Romanian turism, reason why she returned to her native country.

What does luxury mean to you?
1. The term luxury is usually defined as a state of great comfort or elegance, often involving great expense. Whilst I resonate with a state of great comfort or elegance, I do not resonate with the idea that luxury needs to involve great expense. It is true that in the past the rich and famous would use luxurious and lavish objects such as fast cars or yachts to portray their status. However, nowadays, we are noticing a different trend. It is now more affordable than in the past for the middle class to live a similar lifestyle to the rich and famous in the sense of the objects they can lease or rent. Thus they can have a similar experience. Consequently, as affordable luxuries become mainstream, ‘time’ becomes the most wanted luxury of them all. It is my opinion that the business services that can help the consumer save time and effort are the ones which will prosper in the near future. Another aspect that defines and will forever define a ‘luxury service’ is the quality of the product or the service. In a world in which everything is either copied or faked, having something that is truly well crafted is a ‘luxury’ in itself. As for myself, I view luxury in the sense of what I described as a necessity for me to create and to live the lifestyle of a serial entrepreneur and to give back to society. You will do remarkable things nowadays only when you benefit from the’ luxury of time’ and when you aim to do things exquisitely well.


What is one of your favorite luxuries in life?
2. ‘Image’ is my favorite luxury in life. I know the usual answers would have been bags, watches and yachts, but I am by nature more progressive thinking. Being a Brand Master and the CEO at KO by Karina Ochis, the next generation branding and marketing company that offers precisely luxury brand creation and management to high end clients who want to establish themselves as celebrity experts in their field, and ultimately sell more products and services, I am inclined by default to give the answer of: image. However, people underestimate the quality and benefits you can rip from a well crafted image. By image I mean your online and offline brand (your website, your story, your headshots, your network pictures, your blog, your social media content and so on). In a world where everybody is on their cell phone, 24/7, it is no longer enough to wear designer clothes or have designer cars. You also need to present that content – because on the Internet it all translates into content- in an elegant and creative manner on the internet. Much as in the past a house was a status symbol, now a well crafted website and having your social media be done well, is a sign of status. It will no longer suffice for you to be elegant and graceful in real life, you need to showcase that in the digital world and you need to portrait on the internet. Often times, people invest enormous amounts of money in their products and services or in businesses and forget that nowadays, in a world in which products such as Apple sell best, design and presentation is everything. Think about that and you will make your choices differently.

What is your top luxurious destination you would love to visit?
3. I travelled quite extensively throughout my life, to numerous extravagant and not so extravagant travel destinations, restaurants and hotels, ranging from exquisite bars in London to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, to hidden ranches in the US. At this point in my life, I am not that much interested in regards to places I want to visit as much as places I want to create, and in this sense, I have created Ana Karina Luxury Concept. Ana Karina Luxury Concept is dedicated to turning concepts into reality. We are committed to the design and implementation of extraordinary hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants and business venues. We offer significant hospitality development and management services. And the aim of this company is to create amazing establishments that can and will develop native tourism for developing countries .In this sense, I started with Elite Life Beauty and Wellbeing SPA, an urban retreat, in Romania, where we have treatments for the mind, body and soul, combining a traditional SPA with a medical SPA. I am hoping to one day revive Romanian tourism – and that should be only the start.

What advice would you give to people who need to detox and distress?
4. Being a life coach accredited by the prestigious Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins – World’s Leading Life Coach, as well as the Founder of the previously mentioned Elite Life Beauty and Wellbeing SPA, I have specialized in life coaching for the digital era. Why? Because I realized that people require solutions for their present real life problems. Unfortunately, whilst there is a lot theory out there, some of it is flawed and some of it is obsolete. You cannot thrive in the digital era using the same strategies utilized 10 or 20 years ago. Sure, the core theories will forever remain the same, but their implementation differs from generation to generation and from era to era. If you want to detox and to distress in the digital era, you need to remove yourself from the context in which the stress emerged. I am not saying to remove yourself forever but I am saying take several days if not weeks, out of that context in order to have clarity of what facilitated the increased levels of stress. The best place to do that is clearly at a retreat, whether is an urban retreat, a SPA or a centre of any sort. Just ensure that at that centre, there is professional help and a team put in place that can actually help you and tailor a program for your own needs. Do not be fooled by interesting buzz words or cool fads, look for the specialists with numerous years of practice under their belts, especially if you want to detox. The process of detoxing requires professional supervision. The important part however is what you will do in your day to day life, after you return from this retreat or from your self-imposed detox and distress holiday. If you continue your day to day life as it was before, you will be in the same position as you were before. You need to make small incremental changes everyday, that will one day lead to achieving those bigger goals. Do not attempt to change everything overnight. We as humans are not created that way. The secret lies in the simple things that everybody knows but no one implements, such as “do not eat fast food”. You cannot eat plastic food and expect to be healthy and distressed. Secondly, do not eat whilst using technology. Thirdly, switch off your phone before you go to sleep. And do not try to compensate the lack of sleep with enormous amounts of caffeine and energizers, because in the long run their effects will disappear and they have a harming effect on the body. Everybody knows these little tricks, yet the secret is in actually implementing them.

What are the benefits for one going to an urban retreat?
5. The benefits really depend on the specific of the retreat. You should always look for a retreat that offers solutions to your specific problems and not just go along with trending locations. In terms of Elite Life Beauty and Wellbeing SPA a main benefit is that our location is a hybrid between a traditional SPA and a medical SPA. In this sense, we combine traditional medicine with alternative medicine. We have the latest technology offering solutions in weight loss, body shaping, anti-aging, rejuvenation and detoxification. The treatments facilitated by these latest technologies together with high end products are completed with the benefits of several steam rooms all compassed in a location designed with a feng shui philosophy in mind. Another benefit is that we have an entire team of specialists coordinated by a medical doctor who help the client achieve his/her goal. Often times, the client will need a personal trainer, a massage therapist or a specific dietary menu to achieve their goal. We offer that as well. We tailor the program to each client. Thus each client achieves his/her goal. That is the main benefit.

Who, or what are some of your inspirations in life?
6. I am inspired by life in itself. I am inspire by people, places, problems I need to solve and questions that do not yet have an answer. I have always been inspired by intelligent and creative people, whether they were famous, well renowned or not so much. And most of all, I am inspired by stimulating conversations and by my own drive to make a difference in the world. I wish to leave a worthy legacy for the generations to come.



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