Kendall Jenner, gets more negative feedback for her new Adidas add

Kendall Jenner has already been under fire for her last Pepsi commercial, which was one of the most controversial and talked about ads of the year. Many felt that the advert trivialized important social movements in order to sell a soda. Though the backlash has settled down now, unfortunately for miss Jenner the sentiment is following her to her new ventures.

On Thursday August 10, Adidas released their new advertisement featuring Kendall. While the advert is stunning at first glance, many fans revealed their distaste in the brands choice of model.  Some were upset over the fact that Kendall is not an athlete therefore why should she be marketing a sports brand, they were saying things like “a model when there are so many inspiring athletically talented women!! Are you an athletic company or a fashion company?”

Others, still holding the grudge from the Pepsi commercial misstep were upset and felt Adidas should have taken into account the previous backlash towards the model.

“’Now I’m not gonna order the new stan Smith’s because I hate these ppl and what they stand for…cmon adidas get it .. I hope this ends like the Pepsi ad she did.”

It should be noted that other athletic brands have been using models and not athletes for a while now. Gigi Hadid has been the Reebok ambassador for nearly two years. It seems Jenner’s combination of family ties and with recent controversy is has led to issues with fans with being the face of Adidas.

However with the backlash and negativity some people who came to her defense. “Adidas originals is by no way to be worn exclusively by athletes, and all these haters I bet they have some adidas stuff hahaha Great brand and design.”

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