Let me take a SELFIE!

Are Seflies Killing our self-esteem?

Who does not love a good selfie on a night out, lunch with friends or even just when we are looking extra good, but are these photos affecting the way we see ourselves and how we think others see us?

On the surface a selfie may just seem like some harmless fun, but new research has shown that women who base their self-worth on their appearance are more likely to post selfies regularly.  However, at times when that photo doesn’t receive as many likes as one expects, the poster is more likely to suffer from a crisis of self- worth.

Although women are most likely to upload a selfie on social media, they are not the only one, men engage in this practice too. A study that was lead by the Ohio State University in America found that men who upload a lot of selfies to social media display traits that are linked to narcissism.

The compare game? This is one of the leading causes of self-esteem issues related in taking selfies, because it is rooted in comparison. If you are under the impression that glossy magazines are the only airbrushed photos, think again!

There are tons of apps out there that one can use to smooth away any imperfections, plump lips, make you look slimmer and contour your jawlines. It has been estimated that there are nearly a million people who use apps to airbrush their selfies.

This can have an affect on young girls who view their friends photos and don’t understand how their friends look so flawless even though they have actually done a bit of retouching.

So is being a selfie addict such a thing? At least not yet but when you are looking at the Karadashian’s social media feeds at about 1,200 selfies one could definitely disagree.

One of the biggest problems is the excessive exposure to social media that cause an increase in envy.

Last year a famous Instagram star Essena O’Neill quit Instagram. She deleted most of her photos and the posts that still remained she commented saying how fake her Instagram- famous life truly was.

“For this photo I hardly ate for a week,” the 19-year-old says on the one post. “I bought this bikini just for this photo. I posed for hours until the photo was perfect.” In another she remarks, “This is what I like to call a perfectly contrived candid shot …”

So when is it time to draw the line between playful selfies and ones that could be causing a detriment to your self esteem?

If you feel like you find yourself on the edge of selfies obsession and it is interfering with your mental health – then it is time to put that phone down and limit your time spent on social media.  Doing this will allow you time not  to rely on looking at what everyone else is doing but rather just focus on you and your life. A photograph is never a true depiction of one’s life, well not in the 21st century.

This is not to say taking a few selfies now and then is a bad thing at all, nor is checking other’s Instagram accounts. But rather it is that you know that you are doing it for you rather than for others approval.

By admin
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