Eating out and staying healthy

5 steps to keeping it healthy when eating out

So let’s dig in….

Eating out is not necessarily unhealthy nor is trying out that indulgent, delicious creamy pasta on the menu. But when you are trying to keep your healthy eating on track and want to rather make a more conscious eating decision when eating out here are 5 great tips to keep in mind.

Step 1: Choose Wisely 

The restaurant you pick is key, like Indiana Jones trying to select the true Holy Grail, so if you get the opportunity to select the restaurant you will be dining out at……take it !

It is easier this way, so you won’t have to fight your willpower when eating at an unhealthy restaurant. By choosing the restaurant you will be able to know where you are going, what you like and have a little time to pre – plan ahead what you are going to eat! Maybe even Google the menu, with healthy eating I believe you always have to be one step ahead of the game.

Step 2: Order first 

As politely as possible see if you can order first, in doing so you stop letting other’s decisions influence your healthy choice by what they may be eating! If you order your meal first, before everybody else starts to order, then you might actually set the tone for the table to order healthier options.

Step 3: The Red Flags

When you sit down to order, scrutinize the menu in search for the red flags that indicate foods that are higher in calories i.e creamy, crispy, breaded or fried. These descriptions tend to scream unhealthy!

Instead rather opt for descriptions that the food is grilled, steamed or boiled. This generally indicates the cooking method is healthier.

Step 4: Order a starter Salad

If you have arrived hungry at a restaurant the best advice would be to order a salad before your main meal to just settle the hunger, rather than the fried calamari or crispy tacos. This way a salad will keep your appetite at bay and not ruin it for the healthy main course option you have chosen!

Step 5: Rethink the drink

It is easy to forget about the calories in the drinks we order, whether it is an alcoholic beverage or a soda. A glass of wine is only about 150 calories, but some of your mixed drinks can be well over 300 or 350 calories. This is not to say you cannot enjoy a lovely red glass of wine with your meal but rather just to be more conscious of what you are drinking. Drinking water with your meals and the occasional glass of wine is encouraged as water helps fill you up, so we tend to consume less alcohol.

See? Dining out and being healthy can go hand in hand. So why not dig in with these steps and you can enjoy a lovely night out with friends whilst keeping your healthy lifestyle on track!


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