So Do I Get The Job?

Work is hard. However the only thing harder than that is looking for a job and once you find one, you find yourself having to go through an interview which is essentially a make or break type of deal. Often than not, nerves get the best of us and we find ourselves with a new job in the unemployment line. Thus the tips below will not only help you ace that next interview but will leave you much better prepared for any others.

Know the Question Paper

Practice makes perfect so prepare yourself for the general interview questions that all employers usually ask. In this, try to use your answers to highlight your skills as well as why you’d be perfect for that specific job. Also, having a list of your own questions to ask your potential employer wouldn’t hurt.

It’s Not Stalking, It’s Research

This is the one time where background checks are encouraged. Knowing about the company will not only prepare you for possible interview questions but will also make the interviewer(s) feel that you’re serious about the position they’re offering and are not simply looking for employment.

Murphy’s Law

Anything that can possibly go wrong, usually does so don’t wait until the last day to pick an outfit and print out copies of your CV. Having all of these things two days prior to the interview will not leave you feeling flustered in case the interview is scheduled to an earlier time.

Dress like You’re Employed

Ensure you have an outfit that fits the job environment. The clothes should fit well and be nice and clean. It’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed although try to keep jewellery and other accessories to a minimum.

If you’re Early, You’re late

Arriving to the interview on time means arriving to the interview thirty minutes early. This will allow you to scope the area as well as calm any jittering nerves.


They Don’t Hire Robots

Job interview can be a little intense and you were probably psyching yourself out the night before so it’s important to stay as calm as possible during the interview. Nerves can translate to body language and this often says more than your responses. Maintain eye contact and pay close attention to everything the interviewer(s) is saying. Be confident and authentic in your responses. Also; smile.

Sell Yourself

Tell them why they need you. When going through your portfolio, try to connect your skills to the position that you’re applying for.


Thank You For Your Time

Even if you don’t get the job, common courtesy shouldn’t go out the window. At the end of the interview, make sure to thank the interviewer(s) for their time.

Not all job interviews will help you finally catch that pay cheque you’ve been chasing, but following these tips will definitely give you an added advantage.

By Pierrette Mulumba

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