Celebrating the Divine Feminine: Belly Dance and its Emotional and Physical Benefits For Women

The month of August is upon us, and we can never be short of ways in which to elevate the divine feminine. As we begin to celebrate Women’s Month, it’s important to look for ways in which women can learn to be more comfortable in their own skins. And there are few better ways to do this, in my opinion, than through the art of Belly Dance.

From Ancient Greece to Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, Belly Dance was the ultimate feminine expression. The movements of a woman’s body were said to be so powerful they could shake the Earth itself. It is true that the benefits of Belly Dance are numerous, and here is why women should consider it for their emotional and physical health.

Dance Therapy has long been practised for its emotional benefits. This is especially true for Belly Dance, as it promotes confidence in one’s body. In a world where women are bombarded with physically impossible images of the so-called “perfect body”, Belly Dance teaches her that she can look and feel beautiful no matter her size and shape. Belly Dance embraces hips, bellies and beautiful curves. It embraces slender bodies and flat tummies. It embraces every woman as she is.

What better way is there to boost your self-esteem than to learn to love your body? When you are in the moment and shaking your jingling jangling hips to beautiful lyrical music, you cannot help but feel like a million bucks.

Belly Dance was always my number one stress relief, as it took me to a whole other level of peace, self-love and ecstasy. It gave me a confidence I did not have before. Being a chronically shy introvert who was too scared to even move an inch on a dance floor- this really was an achievement for me. There I was, dancing in a Hall full of hundreds of people, and feeling great about it, simply because I felt great about myself when I was dancing.

There is also nothing better to make you feel stunning than the brightly colored, glittery costumes and soft, chiffon veils.

Recently, studies have been confirming these benefits of Belly Dance for the mind. A study conducted by Marika Tiggerman at the University of Flinders in Australia concluded that women who Belly Dance have a more positive body image than those who don’t.

Training the brain to learn the choreographies and memorize the movements also greatly enhances memory and other mental functions. A Belly Dancer literally thinks more clearly and effectively! Just so you can remember all of the reasons you have to love yourself and your body.

Celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Shakira have brought Belly Dance into the public eye, and the way they shake it with such confidence certainly is inspiring.

If that isn’t enough to get you shimmying on the dance floor, just wait till you hear about the physical benefits of Belly Dance.

This is possibly one of the most enjoyable ways to get a workout. Belly dance awakens muscles in your body that would probably otherwise be dormant. The art of Belly Dance is all about isolation of muscle movement to produce a beautiful body rhythm. Muscles utilised include the Obliques on either side of the abdomen as well as your core muscles. Strength in these muscles improves your posture, tones your abdomen and reduces back pain. You can literally dance your way to fitness.

Studies have even recently spoken of the benefits of Belly Dance in reducing labour pains and aiding child birth. The strengthening of the muscles involved in labour, deep abdominal and pelvic muscles, through the powerful undulating moves of Belly Dance are responsible for this.

It’s no wonder this art form has been a part of our societies for thousands of years.

Belly Dance is like an Ode to femininity, written through the movement of our bodies.

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