Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets

A truly visual sensation, taking sci-fi to a whole new geographical level

Luc Besson’s film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets takes the viewer far beyond binge watching into the land of binge seeing. A single showing of the film is able to induce a powerful intoxication by the surplus of exquisite images.

Outlandish, alien like creatures fill up the screen with their enchanting ways, all different forms, shapes and sizes. There is an utter aurora that shimmers in daytime of the sky of the alien’s world. Set in all sorts of exotic destinations,  the film brings a whole other dimension to light and you cannot help be sucked straight in as one of the characters.

The film begins with a beautiful montage of a massive interstellar city following the films title, a conglomeration of space stations and hundreds of alien races that has slowly grown over the centuries. The story moves to an unnamed planet that looks just what one would think of if you said paradise. The planet is filled with big eyed, gem farming aliens that are shortly destroyed in a mysterious cataclysm.

This event is in someway tied too strange goings-on at Alpha is an ever-expanding metropolis where diverse creatures share their knowledge and cultures with one another. When a dark force threatens the peace of the city, the space-soldiers Valerian played by Dane DeHaan and Laureline played by Cara Delevingne are to investigate. They must race against time to identify who is jeopardizing the future of their universe.

Although there has been mixed reviews about this film, I find it truly a visual sensation and honestly a lot of fun filled with romance, action and comedy. So if you’re up for it, it definitely is worth the watch!

Valerian being such a rare film, I would also recommend trying to see in 3-D; the effects, while plentiful, are rendered with gorgeous clarity!

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