New York is Always a good idea!

Things to see and do in the big Apple

New York City, the city that never sleeps is full of endless things to see and do. The beauty of the hustling bustling city is you can virtually walk everywhere that allows you to see the city and get your daily exercise whilst doing it.

I recently got the opportunity to visit New York in the summer and see all of what this unique city has to offer.  And what I found was it is more than a city but it’s very own world!

After a long 15-hour flight I had arrived at JFK international airport, as I stepped off the plane I was immediately hit with New Yorks summer, slightly humid but nonetheless was great to feel the summer sun on my body again!

Once settled in my hotel, it was time to explore New York. There is certain energy the city creates and with the endless and diverse museums, nature, outdoors, parks and places the energy never seems to fade.

After spending a week exploring the city, I discovered the places and things to see and what one should not miss when travelling there.


Central Park

It is the oasis of the hectic city, and is one of the places that makes New York what it is today. The huge park, 341 hectare large (843 acres), is located in the center of Manhattan. Its design has served as an example for city parks around the world. The park boasts several lakes, theaters, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts, baseball fields, many playgrounds and other facilities.

The beauty of the park is that amidst all the craziness of the busy city, is it has a really unique peaceful nature. Birds are chirping in the trees, ducks are parking off in the lake and squirrels are wondering around the fresh greenery whilst tourists and locals run, walk or cycle through.

It is also a lovely place to relax, especially in the summer where you can enjoy a nice book or picnic on the lawn with the glorious summer sun beaming down.

The High line

The High Line is an elevated freight rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side.  This is another beautiful escape from the busy New York City life.

Among the benefits of visiting this pretty walkway: stunning views of the Hudson River and cityscape, an intimate above-it-all. You are able look at neighborhoods, numerous cultural events that are staged on the parkway and an ever-changing gallery of public art. It allows you to see the city from a different perspective.

The Empire State Building

 Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Empire State Building is an experience not to be missed when visiting the city.  You can embark on a journey of one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Embark on a journey through one of the most famous landmarks in the world, where you will experience our newly restored Art Deco lobby and murals, the historical Dare to Dream exhibit, and Sustainability Exhibit. Your visit will conclude at the most iconic 360-degree open-air observation deck in all of NYC – The Empire State Building’s 86th Floor Observatory Deck. Feel and see the true heart of NYC!

The Brooklyn Bridge 

The Brooklyn Bridge was built between 1869 and 1883, it connects Manhattan with New York’s most populous borough, Brooklyn. The bridge is one of the most famous and magnificent landmarks in New York City. Whilst walking the bridge you are able to see a picturesque view of the city, the Hudson River and the ever so famous statue liberty.


MOMA – Museum of Modern Art

 The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1, celebrates creativity, openness, tolerance, and generosity. It is a unique inclusive place—both onsite and online—where diverse cultural, artistic, social, and political positions are welcome. And is committed to sharing the most thought-provoking modern and contemporary art.   It is Definitely worth exploring with all various the art from artists such as Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Picasso as well as the great, ideas, and issues of our time. If you are in New York on a Friday there is free entrance from 4pm until 6pm so there really is no excuse to miss out on this one of a kind art museum.

The Statue of Liberty

No visit to the New York City area is complete without a trip to the world’s most famous landmarks – the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum.  You can take a ferry that allows you to view the magnificent statue.

Get to the top of the pedestal! The Statue of Liberty’s stone pedestal, designed by famed architect Richard Morris Hunt, was designed to complement the Statue rather than overwhelm it. The top of the pedestal is roughly half the height of the entire monument. The pedestal offers panoramic views of Ellis Island, New York, New Jersey and the New York Harbor.

“I love New York, even though it isn’t mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it.”- Truman Capote

New York truly is world of it’s own, a unique personal experience and worth a visit on everyone’s timeline!



By admin
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