Success is usually found covered in S.W.E.A.T

You will definitely find more than success after a SWEAT 1000 class


I recently got the opportunity to try out S.W.E.A.T 1000 at the Blubird Mall; it was a truly energizing and unique work-out experience. Have not heard of it …… well we’ll help you get familiar with SA’s trendiest workout spot

S.W.E.A.T. that stands for Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training and 1000, representing the calories that you burn in a 60- minute class ! (Say What!) . The class is unique as it integrates components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic and agility training which results in the highest level of physical training all in 1 hour. You are therefore constantly moving throughout the class, but the thrill is really in the fact that each class is dynamic which means people never really know what they will be getting! Changing up the workout from class to class alleviates the boredom and also allows one to discover new moves and higher fitness levels! But It does not stop there whilst working out the lights go off and the room lights up with all neon colours – talk about a fitness party!

What I think is also really great about the sweat concept, is it is a workout for all! It caters to all fitness levels from beginner, to intermediate or advanced. So you never fall under pressure but rather just try to achieve what you want out of the session, which I think is great. As you will see when you workout there a huge poster gazing at you saying, “Focus on You”.

The S.W.E.A.T concept has evolved incredibly throughout the years and now even includes live DJ’s.  They have there own S.W.E.A.T.1000 re-mixes by local and international DJ’s, Laser and Disco Lighting and the continual implementation of the latest functional equipment!

The clientele at S.W.E.AT includes, EFC fighters, Springbok Rugby Players, International Football players, well-know TV stars, Victoria Secret Models and of course any individual looking just to transform their bodies, lives and enjoy a unique element of working out!

Get up, Get Dressed, Get Started and Get SWEATING!

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