Keeping Off The Winter Blues

With images of Durban July plastered all over social media, one has to be wondering just how our favourite celebrities manage to get their bodies looking so good, especially with the change of season. It is one thing to maintain a healthy, fit body under the African sun but once the temperature drops, the motivation to keep on moving disappears. Below a few tips that will not only help in keeping fit but will give new meaning to the phrase ‘summer bodies are made in winter’.

Mind Over Matter. Idols judge Unathi Msengana has had a well documented journey when it comes to her weight loss and although she is a very busy woman, one thing she has no time for is excuses.

Leaving the comfort of a warm bed to start the day already seems like a strenuous task let alone leaving that bed to get out and exercise. Heading into the cold with a grumpy attitude will just make the experience worse than it actually is. Before starting, it would be best to have a positive outlook on the entire thing and continuously remind yourself exactly why you’re doing this.

Home Is Where The Exercise Is. Sometimes the issue has less to do with waking up and exercising and more to do with waking up and going into the cold world to exercise. Luckily, this is the information age and there are more to smart phone apps than dog filters and beauty retouches. Exercising at home has become much easier with apps that not only show you how to exercise but also share dietary tips. Furthermore, majority of these home exercises do not require any sort of equipment. Celebrity fitness babe Boity Thulo prefers working out in her home and is aided by tutorials she gets online.

Layers On Me. Working out in the cold is actually a good thing as your body will try harder to keep to its core temperature and in doing so, more calories will be burnt off. However in order to ensure that the body is capable of doing this, layers are important. Moreover, proper layering will allow more freedom in movement and the better the layer material the easier it is for sweat to escape.

Sweat and Hydrate. Sometimes all one wants to indulge in during cold months is a nice warm cup of hot chocolate but water would be a better option. The loss of sweat is one of the reasons why it’s imperative to continuously hydrate in winter. Sweat tends to evaporate quicker in winter which will trick the body into thinking it’s losing less water which can lead to dehydration-related issues. Drink up!

Lastly, warm up and cool down routines are important as they can prevent injuries in the likeliness of a sprain or tear. Also, eating fruits and vegetables will help in maintaining a healthy diet as well as keeping colds and flues away. Remember, winter is here.

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